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Worldwide Search Capabilities Provide Complete Solutions
The partnership of SC Palo Alto in association with The MRI Network and the ITP Worldwide network of specialized recruitment houses provides a stong international reach from your home office.

SC Palo Alto is proud to announce our newest business service, allowing Bay Area based companies to recruit around the world while working with a local search firm.  We will manage your entire search for you while our partners through our International Technology Partners search group works with candidates locally.  We manage the process from start to finish while you get a turnkey solution without traveling or having to work with search firms half way around the world.

About ITP Worldwide

ITP Worldwide was incorporated in 1993 by two founding executive search partners in response to clients' international expansion. Since then, ITP has assisted more than 1,000 companies to help them expand their worldwide business and shape their global technology landscape.

ITP has grown from the original two founding partners to ten member firms in high technology capitals around the world.

All partners are dedicated to ITP's global service culture of providing the highest level of service quality characterized by flexibility, open communications and trust. From this central tenet ITP Worldwide can create a seamless, international service tailor-made to clients' specific requirements.

As high tech specialists, ITP's partners have spent their careers working with large multinational technology organizations or international search firms. Collectively we are leaders in our domain with specialize
d knowledge of our local regions.

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