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Search and Staffing Programs

We customize our search and staffing programs to meet your needs and maximize our ability to perform for you.  Our programs include:

  • Contingency search for individual open requirements
  • Retained search for executive level roles and your most critical positions
  • On-site recruiting programs allow us to recruit and manage the entire staffing process from your facility as an integral part of your team.  We recommend this program when you have 3 or more critical positions to fill.

No matter which option you select we offer a complete set of  services to ensure the job is done right the first time and every time.  These services include:

  • Develop the initial job requirements and descriptions
  • Conduct a thorough search and present only the top level "A" Players you require
  • Develop your interview plans, schedule interviews, and provide interview guidance and follow up as required
  • Perform reference checks and provide you with written reference reports
  • Conduct background checks including criminal, financial, employment history, and DMV
  • Develop, present, and gain acceptance of offers
  • Follow up after your employee starts to ensure all expectations are met and the on-boarding process is going well including training plans and coaching

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