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"Full Cycle" Staffing Programs That Help You Grow

What are "Full Cycle" Staffing Programs?

"Full Cycle" staffing allows SC Palo Alto to partner closely with you through relationships that meet your specific needs from the start.  Our programs change with you to stay in tune with your business.  This includes changes in hiring urgency including the need to hire more rapidly than expected, expansion across the country or internationally, and changes in the staffing approach.  Our "Full Cycle" programs also include comprehensive outplacement services during times of redistribution of talent requirements or staff reductions. 

It starts with you. SC Palo Alto works with you to really understand your needs and your environment, understand how we can help you and find the best candidates to fill your positions.  This includes understanding  your business needs, cultural fit, and specific requirements. We then create the picture that makes your opportunity compelling to the "A" Players you want to meet.

We then customize our search strategy and approach for each client. It starts with a face to face meeting where we can discuss your needs and constraints in detail.  From there we develop a program for you and agree to an implementation plan, time tables, and terms that ensure you meet your goals.  See "Our Services" for more details.

From there we take over and conduct a very thorough search using  our extensive network and the latest recruiting tools to find only the "A" Players you require.  We present our candidates with a detailed written profile addressing your needs so you see much more than their resume before making an interviewing decision.  We set up interviews and manage the logistics.  We also provide written reference reports for the final candidates prior to making an offer.  And, we help develop the offer with you and present it to the candidate for you, all assuring the highest success rate in landing the top talent.

Throughout the process we offer review meetings and updates that keep you updated on our progress.  There should be no surprises.

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Outplacement and Career Counseling Services

To provide full staffing support we provide solutions beyond recruiting new employees.

  • Outplacement services during times of staff redistribution, working with your employees to help them manage their transition into new opportunities
  • Working with executives and managers to develop hiring plans and develop hiring strategies including time lines and budget requirements
  • Working with your database to ensure proper candidate and employment tracking

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