SC Palo Alto
Careers In Transition
Outplacement and Career Counseling Programs

Our customized programs include on-site seminars, custom one-on-one meetings, our new book "Don't Interview - Audition!", a custom teleconference series, and continuous phone and email support for people facing a career transition.

This program is primarily designed for companies that want to help their employees during a time of transition.  We provide on-site seminars and individual meetings to make sure our programs are as effective as possible.  Our programs are uplifting, empowering, and motivational at a time when it is needed most.  Each program is customized to meet your specific requirements and includes:

  • Developing the right approach and attitude to begin a job search
  • Treating the job search as your full time job
  • Developing effective and targeted resume(s) 
  • Cover letters that work
  • Researching the job market
  • Getting through the right person - the hiring manager
  • Your two minute commercial
  • Planning your search
  • Secrets to acing a job interview
  • Overcoming objections
  • Follow up every interview
  • Face to face and Social Networking
  • Pros and cons of using the Internet
  • Working with recruiters and outplacement services
  • Working with the job offer
  • What to do next - developing your plan

The benefits for a company that provides these services go beyond knowing you have treated your employees well.  It even goes beyond the fact that your employees know you have treated your workforce well during a difficult time.  Think of this.  Every person that leaves your company will interview with 5 to 10 companies.   With each interview they have an opportunity to talk of their time with you and how they were treated.  Some of these companies may be your customers, partners, or simply know of your company.  Career Transition programs help people feel better about the company they  are leaving and they will speak of this in their interviews. 

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